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Welcome!  I'm Thomas Johnston, an Americana singer/songwriter from Whitehouse Station, New Jersey, USA.  Please enjoy the site, especially the music.  

I am so happy to announce the release of my holiday EP, "On This Christmas Day"!!!  It contains 7 original songs, all recorded at the new SonDad Studios!  You can find the album and tracks for download in the MUSIC section of this site.  Physical CD's can be purchased in the STORE section.

My original songs are influenced by classic Americana, classic Country, classic Rock, and Irish music.  All four of my CD's are available on this site, and they are also on CDBaby, ITunes, Amazon, Spotify, and, of course, at my shows.  You can listen to individual tracks in the MUSIC section.

After playing 105 shows in each 2016 and 2017, I had the great fortune of playing around 300 shows from 2018 thru 2019!  COVID has restricted the number of venues I could play in 2020, but I am looking forward to a busier show schedule in 2021.  Please check my shows schedule on the site, and join the email list.

In March 2021, I am not only planning to release my fourth CD, "Traveling Companions",  I am also planning the release of a second CD in the summer of 2021.  Both CD's will be recorded at my own SonDad Studios, with my son and producer, Stephen Johnston.  Looking forward to a world beyond COVID, and a whole lot of music, in 2021!

Thank you for listening to my music...Slainte!!!

Here's What's Happening

Another Good Recording Session 

Back at SonDad Studios this morning; another good seesion!  Fine tuning the sound for strummed guitar songs and finger-picked guitar songs.  Stephen doing a fine job at the board.  Back to work tomorrow!

So It Begins... 

A productive evning at SonDad Studios!  Reviewed the notes from the "On This Christmas Day" sessions.  Made some adjustments to the settings to get a fuller sound.  Tomorrow, Stephen and I will do a couple of demo recordings to make sure everything is just right.  Then, the fun begins.  We are very enthusiastic for the recording of "Traveling Companions"!

It's a Brand New Year! 

Wishing all of you a very Happy and Healthy 2021!  I am looking forward to releasing at least two new records in 2021.  Of course, I hope to be able to bring my music to live audiences soon.  Thank you all so much for your support of my music!

Tracks and More Tracks 

Every track from my CD's "More Songs to Sing" and "Table for One" are available for download in the Music section of the site.  Thank you for your support!

The Discs Have Arrived!!! 

Yes, the "On This Christmas Day" EP has arrived!!!  Please stop by the STORE section of the site.  $7 gets you a disc and a download of the EP.  Thank you for your support!

They Are on Their Way! 

The "On This Christmas Day" EP's are done and on their way here from Discmakers!  They should arrive here no later than Tuesday 12/8.  Once they arrive, we'll be sending out the pre-orders.  I sincerely hope this holiday EP brings comfort and joy.  Thank you for your support!

Traveling Companions 

As we wait patiently for the "On This Christmas Day" discs to arrive, my son (and boss) Stephen and I are finishing pre-production for the next record, "Traveling Companions".  There will be 12 original songs.  Recording will begin next week!  We are very excited for this upcoming record; a whole bunch of really good songs!  Stay tuned for more news, and Thank You for your support!

An Awesome Stocking Stuffer! 

Hey folks!  Looking for an awesome stocking stuffer?  How about an EP of original holiday songs?  Check out the STORE section for the new EP, "On This Christmas Day".  Downloads are now available.  Physical CD's will be available by December 8th.  Thanks for your support, and enjoy your holidays!

"On This Christmas Day" Release News!!! 

YES!!!  I'm set to take pre-orders for physical copies of "On This Christmas Day" right here on the site!!!  Simply go to the STORE section.  The physical EP's will be available no later than December 8, 2020.

If you prefer downloads (full EP or individual tracks), you can purchase them NOW!  Simply go to the MUSIC section.

Thank you so much for your support!!!  

"On This Christmas Day" Pre-Orders 

The files are all with the manufacturer, and we expect to receive the finished product during the first week of December!

I'll be setting up for pre-orders, right here on this site (store section).

Very excited to be releasing a holiday EP!!!

Thank you for your support!

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Here's Where I'm Playing Next


Thomas Johnston Plays the Stangl Factory Farmers Market

 —  —

Stangl Factory Farmers Market, Mine Street and Stangl Road, Flemington NJ

Another return engagement at the amazing Stangl Factory Farmers Market in Flemington NJ! So happy to be playing somewhere!