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Welcome!  I'm Thomas Johnston, an Americana singer/songwriter from Whitehouse Station, New Jersey, USA.  Please enjoy the site, especially the music.  

I am so happy to announce the release of my 5th solo album, "Traveling Companions"!!!  It contains 12 original songs, all recorded at the new SonDad Studios!  You will find the album and tracks for download in the MUSIC section of this site.  Physical CD's can be purchased in the STORE section.  It has been acclaimed by many as my best album yet!

My original songs are influenced by classic Americana, classic Country, classic Rock, and Irish music.  All four of my CD's are available on this site, and they are also on CDBaby, ITunes, Amazon, Spotify, and, of course, at my shows.  You can listen to individual tracks in the MUSIC section.

After playing 105 shows in each 2016 and 2017, I had the great fortune of playing around 300 shows from 2018 thru 2019!  COVID has restricted the number of venues I could play in 2020, but I am looking forward to a busier show schedule in 2021.  Please check my shows schedule on the site, and join the email list.

Before the end of 2021, I am planning to release my 6th album (not yet titled).  Both CD's will be recorded at my own SonDad Studios, with my son and producer, Stephen Johnston.  Looking forward to a world beyond COVID, and a whole lot of music, in 2021!

Thank you for listening to my music...Slainte!!!

Here's What's Happening

Plans for 2022! 

Scheduled for 2022:  My 6th record, "The Solitary Troubadour".  To be recorded at our own SonDad Studios!

A Wonderful Review for "Traveling Companions"!!! 

Many thanks to Chip Mergott, an awesome singer/songwriter/musician from Hunterdon County NJ, for his great review of "Traveling Companions".  Chip was discovered in the late 1970's by none other that Bonnie Raitt!  Here's what Chip had to say about my new record:

"I've been listening with avid appreciation...It's a great CD with lots of good songs...Well produced, well performed...Check it out; a local singer/songwriter makes good".

Much appreciated, Chip!


A Return to Old York Cellars Winery!!! 

YAY!!!  I am thrilled to be returning to the beautiful Old York Cellars Winery on Saturday, June 19th!  Terrific wines, amazing staff, and a lovely setting.  I'll be performing from 12 Noon to 6:30PM!


YES, IT IS HERE!!!  My 5th solo record, "Traveling Companions", has arrived and is available on the site!  Please go to the store to order a physical CD, or to the MUSIC section for digital downloads of the album and individual songs.  I cannot fully express the joy I am feeling with the release of this record!  No doubt, it is my best work yet!  Please enjoy "Traveling Companions", and thank you so much for your support!


"Traveling Companions" Is on the Website! 

We are a couple of weeks from having the physical copies of "Traveling Companions", but you can listen to and download the songs here on the site!  Head over to the MUSIC section for the 12 songs.  Thank you for your support.  ENJOY!!!

Update on "Traveling Companions" 

The Master disc sounds terrific!  Sening everything to the manufaturer.  Release will be soon!  Can't wait to share these songs with the world!

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Here's Where I'm Playing Next

Thomas Johnston Joins Ed Jankiewicz at Flounder Brewing

 —  —

Flounder Brewing, Clerico Lane, Hillsborough NJ

I'll be joining old buddy Ed Jankiewicz at the amazing Flounder Brewing in Hillsborough NJ!