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Welcome!  I'm Thomas Johnston, an Americana singer/songwriter from Whitehouse Station, New Jersey, USA. Please enjoy the site, especially the music.  

I am so happy to announce the release of my 6th (5th full length) solo album, "The Troubadour"!  It contains 14 original songs, all recorded at SonDad Studios (founded by myself and my son, Stephen)!  You will find the album and tracks for download in the MUSIC section of this site.  Physical CD's can be purchased in the STORE section (and I'll sign them for you).  These are exciting times, especially coming off the success of 2021's "Traveling Companions"!

My original songs are influenced by classic Americana, classic Country, classic Rock, and Irish music.  All six of my CD's are available on this site, and they are also on CDBaby, ITunes, Apple Music, Amazon, Spotify, and, of course, at my shows.  You can listen to individual tracks in the MUSIC section.

After playing 105 shows in each 2016 and 2017, I had the great fortune of playing around 300 shows from 2018 thru 2019!  COVID has restricted the number of venues I could play in 2020 and 2021, but I was fortunate to have a busier show schedule in 2022.  And 2023 has been VERY busy; heck, I played 20 shows in September alone!  I am on pace to break my record for shows in a year!

Please check my shows schedule on the site, and join the email list.
Thank you so much for your support...Slainte!!!

Here's What's Happening

The New Single: Baby Bird! 

My new single, “Baby Bird”, is now on he website!  My nephew, Michael Forrest, showed me this poem he wrote, and I turned it into a blues songs.  This song will appear on my upcoming Blues EP.  Please enjoy “Baby Bird”!


Yes, it is!!!  You can find it in the STORE section of the website.  No charge for shipping.  Purchase a CD and I'll get it right out to you.  Enjoy “The Troubadour”!  Thank you so much for your support!


My 6th studio record, “The Troubadour”, is all finished and arriving TODAY!  Thanks to Discmakers for putting them all together.  Thanks to Anton Daub once again for his awesome graphic design work.  Thanks to my sister Anna Johnston for the beautiful artwork for the front cover.  SO EXCITED to get this new album out to the world!

"The Troubadour" Available for Pre-Order! 

My new record, “The Troubadour”, is available for pre-order in the STORE section of the website!  The album will be available by November 1, 2023 (most likely sooner).  Thank you for your support!

"The Troubadour" is Almost Finished! 

All Lead vocal and acoustic guitar tracks are in!  Ten of the fourteen songs have been mixed and mastered!  Hoping to have everything wrapped up by the end of the week!  Thanks to my son Stephen for his great work in our SonDad Studios!  Release date coming soon!

The Recording of the New Song "A Man Most Blessed"! 

With my son and co-producer Stephen at the board, we recorded acoustic rhythm guitar and vocals for the new song “A Man So Blessed”, a tribute to my Bronx buddy Colin Casey who is battling cancer.  Tonight, I will add an acoustic lead guitar track.  Hope to have it mixed and mastered by mid-week!  This song will be on the upcoming new album, “The Troubadour”.

A New Song...And A New Video 

I just finished a most heartfelt song, “A Man So Blessed”, written for my dear friend, Colin Casey, who is battling cancer.  Colin and I grew up together in the Bronx, NY.  After my family moved to New Jersey, it took 45 years for us to reunite.  Please keep Colin in your prayers as he faces this great challenge.

I recorded a video of me playing the song.  It is here on the website!


This evening, I'll be playing the beautiful Old York Cellars Winery in Ringoes, NJ!  I'll be on from 6:00PM to 9:00PM.  Wine, paella, and live music…a winning combination!



The hard work is paying off!  Seventeen shows scheduled in July 2023!  I am so grateful to all the venues for all the opportunities!  Please check the show schedule, and thank you for your support!

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